The ideal solution for a lightweight camping table for hikers and bikers.

After a long cycling- or walking tour it’s great to unwind and sit comfortably in your chair in front of your tent. Unfortunately, everyone understands the predicament you are in when you want to put down your drink and snack, but there is no sturdy surface. A lightweight compact table, stable enough to cook on and big enough to put all your gear on is simply not to be found. Large tables are cumbersome and do not travel well with the limited space a hiker/biker has available and small tables are not practical.

This frustration lead to designer Els Kronberg having the idea for TRAVLEGS.

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On your way to the camping site, fetch an empty cardboard box from the vegetable department of the supermarket or local store. Of course this assignment can be best combined with acquiring your food and beverage. Once at the campsite you simply insert the 4 TRAVLEGS into each corner of the cardboard box and VOILÀ ! here’s your table, ready for use. The TRAVLEGS sleeve can be used as a flamboyant tablecloth, which will also keep the table dry during the night.


Two Sizes

TRAVLEGS is available in two sizes ( these to match the height of your camping chair)

  1. TRAVLEGS with a length of 46 cm ( high camping chairs).
  2. TRAVLEGS with a length of 23 cm ( low camping chairs).

The shorter TRAVLEGS can also be used to create a very comfy footstool !

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Technical information

The TRAVLEGS are made of lightweight aluminium, with protective rubber caps on both sides. The protective travel sleeve is made of light-weight water resistant Ripstop fabric (resilient kite-making material) and deliverable in two colour combinations, with one colour on each side.

  1. Sky blue and bright pink.
  2. Grass green and deep purple.

alle sets

The protective sleeve functions both as a tablecloth and a storage bag for the table legs. When rolled up it measures the length of the legs and is 5 cm in diameter. TRAVLEGS fits in any cycle bag or rucksack.

  1. A set of long TRAVLEGS weighs 350 gram.
  2. A set of short TRAVLEGS weighs 265 gram.

Delivery times & charge

TRAVLEGS will be shipped to you with the Dutch postal service within 5 working days, after receipt of your order and payment.

Delivery charges to a Netherlands based adress :

  • TRAVLEGS 23 cm €3,95 ( mailbox parcel)    
  • TRAVLEGS 46 cm €6,95


Shipping costs outside the Netherlands for EU countries are: €11,00

For shipping costs to non EU countries please contact us via